British Columbia Needs Your Help

Support the BC Wildfire Relief Fund

Immediate tax receipt. Direct impact donations. 100% Transparent giving. Every $ aids wildfire victims.

Wildfires are devastating British Columbia. Families have been shattered. Homes reduced to ashes. Businesses obliterated. At GiveWise, we connect your generosity to those hurting most.

Every penny you give goes directly to vetted Canadian charities, ensuring immediate relief and long-term rebuilding. Choose to make a difference. Stand with BC. Donate today.

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Tens of thousands of BC residents evacuated, families displaced, and entire communities bear the pain of loss, facing a massive rebuilding effort ahead.

And the fires are still raging - firefighters are currently battling blazes across the province. British Columbia desperately needs your help.

GiveWise Wildfire Disaster Relief Fund

As a registered Canadian charity, GiveWise is collecting donations for BC wildfire relief efforts. (Charity Registration No: 701032526 RR0001)

In times of disaster, it's difficult to know how to help. At GiveWise, we meticulously vet the charities for you–our due diligence ensures every penny of your donation counts. 100% of your donation will be granted to Canadian charities with boots on the ground–caring for the immediate safety, and physical and emotional needs of BC wildfire victims. While keeping an eye on the future: long-term planning for support and rebuilding.

Your contribution is instant, and with your immediate tax receipt in hand, you can be confident that your gift reaches those impacted the most.

We're committed to transparency and efficiency, ensuring that every cent of your gift has the greatest impact. We don't charge any charity or agency fees to receive your donations. Credit card donations will incur a minimal fee of 2.2% + $0.30 for credit card processing.

And our connection doesn't end there; we'll keep you informed every step of the way. So you always know who's receiving and benefiting from your generosity. Your trust and your contribution matter deeply to us.

“We had about three minutes to escape when the fire jumped the lake and hit our street. We are safe, but don’t know if our home survived. Many have been lost. It’s heartbreaking, but we’re trying to stay hopeful.” 

- Adrienne, Kelowna Evacuee

"It looks like it's everywhere, the whole mountains. They haven't really painted a picture of exactly what has been lost, but you can see devastation … Today, it's really hitting me how many people I know who have already possibly lost their home. There is a good possibility that my neighbourhood could be next."

–West Kelowna resident Carrie Friesen

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Who does your donation help?

Fires in BC have devastated the province. Our neighbours have lost loved ones, homes, businesses and more. Now, there are high-pressure tactics from certain charities and solicitations from retailers at the check-out that don’t offer much transparency. If any. 

“If I give, who do I give to?  How is it helping the people who are truly in need?  How much of my gift is getting to them?” 

You want to help NOW. You don’t have time to research each charity. We don’t have the answers ourselves. YET. 

So we seek them out from the people who are literally in the firestorm’s center. We speak to agencies with experience and track records of getting things done when disaster strikes. Boots on the ground. And we thoroughly vet each charity before granting them funds.

When you donate to the GiveWise Wildfire Disaster Relief Fund, you’re helping organizations like:

Salvation Army Canada: 

“As Evacuation Orders continue, The Salvation Army is onsite providing meals, beverages, snacks and Emotional and Spiritual Support as people vacate their homes and transition back into their communities in an attempt to rebuild their lives." 

Central Okanagan Community Foodbank Society: 

“Due to the increased number of BC Wildfires throughout the Interior of BC, the Central Okanagan Food Bank is expanding its support and outreach to the region by supplying emergency food for any person or household currently displaced due to fire evacuations."

Samaritan’s Purse Canada:  

“We have sent 14 disaster relief specialists to British Columbia to work with the Ministry of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness to set up and operate a 400-bed evacuation facility for people in the Kelowna region. We have also set up and are operating an evacuation center in Kamloops for evacuated residents of that area.”
And many more charities working endlessly to help those most affected by the devastating wildfires.

"To see the fire jumped a lake like that was unreal … And within eight minutes, it felt like a quarter of the mountain was on fire …

“There were people that can’t go anywhere. They think their houses burned down, but they are not sure. You can just see this look on their face."

— Darren Hull, West Kelowna Photographer

Yes, you get an immediate tax receipt for your donation. And other questions answered.

How do I know my donation will be used effectively?
At GiveWise, we ensure that funds are directed to vetted agencies with a proven track record of effective disaster relief. Our mission is to offer maximum impact for every dollar you generously contribute. Our team at GiveWise diligently vets every agency we partner with. This includes understanding their history, effectiveness, and their approach towards disaster relief. We believe in transparency and are always open to sharing our findings with our donors.

Are there any administrative fees deducted from my donation?
GiveWise does not charge any fees to charities/agencies to receive donated funds. The only fees applied to donors are the direct charges we incur from credit card processors – 2.2% + $0.30 if you choose to donate via credit card.

How do you choose which charities or agencies to support?
Our team thoroughly researches and engages with agencies that have demonstrated effectiveness, especially in disaster relief. We prioritize organizations with boots on the ground and prioritize both immediate and long-term solutions.

Can I allocate my donation to a specific charity or agency?
While we value and understand the desire to support specific charities, donations to the GiveWise Wildfire Disaster Relief Fund are pooled to maximize impact and distributed where they are needed most. However, if there are charities you highly recommend, please email us at We welcome your suggestions and will vet them for potential grants from the Fund.

How soon will my donation be used? 
Time is of the essence during disasters. As soon as funds are collected, they are promptly disbursed to the selected agencies, ensuring that aid reaches those in need as quickly as possible.

Can I get a tax receipt for my donation? 
Yes, when you donate through GiveWise, you will receive a tax receipt. If you use the GiveWise Giving Fund, you'll have the advantage of a single consolidated tax receipt for all your donations.

I’m concerned about the security of my personal and financial information. How do you protect it?  
We take donor security very seriously. Our platform uses advanced encryption and security measures to ensure that all personal and financial information remains confidential and protected.

How will I know the impact of my donation? 
GiveWise believes in transparent communication. We regularly update our donors about the initiatives, the progress made, and the impact of their generosity. Stay connected with us via our newsletters and social media channels for updates.