There are so many aspects of life that give us opportunity to be thankful. So often I can let these pass me by with a cursory thought, or with no thought at all.

Gratitude as a lifestyle is so often a choice, and this Thanksgiving I am choosing to be mindful, making a list of five things I am thankful for. For the next 30 days I will read this list and let my mind and heart carry me to new reasons to be thankful for my five.

Thankfulness is contagious, and when voiced and shared it grows, gains momentum, and fosters community.

An exhortation to you is to try this for yourself. Let’s see in early November how this has affected us; my expectation is that we will be greatly encouraged, more hopeful, and will find even more things to be thankful for!

As a group that exists to Grow Generosity, we at GiveWise are excited to spread the goodness, and so as a thanks to you our Giving Fund holders, we are offering you a gift that you can either grant out to your favourite charity, or to pass on to a family member, friend, colleague or client for them to give away. This is an example of our new “Share Funds With Others” feature, which allows you to pass on some of your own Giving Fund to those you wish to share your generosity with!

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