Coming Soon - GiveClear will become GiveWise!

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We are excited to announce that will be changing our name to GiveWise Foundation Canada and launching a brand new and improved online platform.

As people who practice generosity, we understand how complicated the giving process can be. You are moved to give at different times, in different contexts, and this often means that tracking your donations, their impact, and your tax receipt aren’t easily done. Simplifying giving is what inspired us to create the foundation now called GiveWise.

A GiveWise Giving Fund is an easy-to-create account for all your charitable giving, allowing you to manage it all, end-to end, from any device. We desire to connect you with your passions so that you can make the biggest possible impact for the causes you love.

Our vision is to multiply your generosity by empowering you to be an intentional and informed donor, seeing the effective change you create, and thereby experiencing joy through your giving.


New Website / Platform

After a few years of exciting growth as GiveClear Canada, we have continued to uncover some of the barriers to giving.  We have rethought everything from top to bottom and are excited to introduce to you our new giving platform, which will launch June 13, 2022.


What this Means for You

For existing donors, rest assured, as not much will change as you become donors of GiveWise. You will be able to access your exact same Giving Fund (account), with all of your historic transactions, and your balance and tax receipt will be unaffected. You will receive further instructions on how to access your Giving Fund on June 13, our official launch date.

The core experience and pricing will remain the same. The mission will remain the same: to multiply generosity and give you confidence in your giving.

Over the coming months you will see some fresh releases that will improve your experience. Thank you for your patience as we improve and expand our core product. It’s going to be worth the wait!


Why Donors Use GiveWise

  1. It’s a Simple Giving Solution – flexible, accessible, and efficient – we consolidate your giving journey.
  2. We are a Trusted Facilitator – we create a table for various interested parties to gather in collaboration – so donors can experience confidence in giving.
  3. We love Collective Impact – The size of your gift isn’t the focus, as it is together that we can move mountains.


Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to this next season of GiveWise.


If you have any other questions, please email We appreciate all feedback!

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