The Root of Philanthropy

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."
~ Anne Frank

Is philanthropy some flighty thing that is reserved for very wealthy people, in their attempts to pay back society for their high lifestyles? Unfortunately, this is what is conjured up for many when they hear or read the word. The good news is that we need not let philanthropy be hijacked by the media who recount the enchanted lives of the Forbes-list billionaires. We can take the word back to its very essence and re-forge it to join a movement that is seeking to apply the golden rule to every person on earth, regardless of ethnicity, gender, or financial station.

The Greek/Latin roots of the the word “philanthropy” are phil- "loving" (see philo-) + anthropos "mankind" (see anthropo-).

Loving mankind. Caring about the person right in front of you. Simple acts of kindness. That is what our young heroine Anne was speaking of. Starting somewhere and taking it one step at a time.

GiveClear is a big idea, but we fully recognize that it is simple acts of kindness, repeated and spread, that improve the world.

Maybe you have very little to give in terms of financial resources. Maybe you have more money than time. Maybe it takes an effort to even muster up a smile due to the tough circumstances you find yourself in. We want to encourage you - everyone has something to give - and it continually surprises us that when we take a risk and give, what we receive always makes that risk more than worth it.

We believe that what you give has a multiplication factor. The farmer sows very small seeds to reap a large harvest.

Generosity produces joy in the receiver and the giver. The world can always use more joy - it is one of few things that we can never have too much of.

GiveClear exists to spread joy. Care to join us in the journey?

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