Authour: David Collins

Life is about discovery. When we are young, the world stretches out in front of us, inviting us to experience as much of it as we can. Life teaches us the folly of some of those pursuits and the benefits of others. It at times seems to favour one group more than another and many questions arise about its fairness.

Yet as we age, life begins to reveal the consequences of our own decisions. Our greatest joys rarely occurred in a vacuum. In times when we were able to help another or experience the kindness of a stranger, we discovered a deeper sense of being alive.

And all too soon we find ourselves reflecting back on how our lives were invested. We see now the emptiness of hoarding and the bounty of living generously. And we wonder; why did it take a lifetime to realize there is more joy in giving than in receiving?

(David Collins is the President of GiveClear Global. Raised internationally, his life has been invested in international relief and development. He remains an advocate for generosity; believing that generosity inevitably will make the world a better place.)

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