The GiveWise Giving Fund: Built for Donors Like You

With a focus on the donor, we make it simple for you to act on your generosity and give to the causes that mean the most. Our flexible Giving Fund offers a streamlined, personalized range of services to support your philanthropic journey.

With a Giving Fund, you can:

  • Contribute from an extensive range of ways including: cash, credit card, security contributions. You can even schedule recurring contributions. Your contribution is an irrevocable donation and is immediately tax deductible.
  • Grow the impact of every dollar. Invest your donation, tax-free in pools that align with your goals and values (i.e. ESG funds). Watch the assets grow before donating more to organizations, with this “double good” effect.
  • Give to what inspires. Whether you grant to a single charity or many beneficiaries, you choose when and where to donate. You can grant to any registered charitable organization as a one-time or recurring donation. You can also wait until a later point in time to determine where you would like to make an impact.
  • Track all of your contributions and grants in one place. Your transaction history is found on a dashboard with total grants, grants this year, pending grants, and available balance.

The most effective way to give generously:

  • Open a free Giving Fund in less than 5 minutes
  • Grant to favorite causes and discover new ones
  • Receive automatically-updated tax receipts every time you contribute to your account
  • View your entire giving history in one place
  • Choose to give anonymously or in your name
  • Schedule automatic deposits and grants
  • Donate, invest, and grant assets at your convenience
  • Involve loved ones in your plan and share in the spirit of generosity
  • Take advantage of low fees and minimums to maximize impact
  • Continue to work with your trusted financial advisors

More than $10 million and counting

GiveClear has processed over $10 million in charitable donations, benefiting hundreds of charitable organizations. Our team has worked with banks, financial advisors, foundations, and individual donors to grow a more generous world.

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