A Trusted Avenue For Donors

Inspiring Confidence In Giving

GiveWise recognizes the absolute necessity of single-issue and direct focus charities, but GiveWise will not itself be directing large amounts of resources to such charities for the accomplishment of their goals – we leave that for donors to decide, and we make it straightforward for these donors to take action.  GiveWise is an intermediary - a go-between - developing tools and avenues by which similarly focused donors and Charities can find each other, and the causes that both donors and charitable organizations are tackling can be properly funded.

That said, GiveWise provides donors with a high level of confidence that their gifts are going out in a timely manner, and that the charities they are donating to are in good standing with the Canada Revenue Agency.  Our hearts are for collaboration, and we help charitable organizations to best position themselves to receive funds in a timely and efficient manner, while reducing the administrative burden of providing receipts and mailing updates to donors.

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