Philanthropy - State of the Union

Philosophically thriving, institutionally endangered.

Philanthropy as a philosophy and a heart’s calling is alive and well. It has always been and will ever be integral to the human experience. There is a care for mankind blueprinted into our design. It ebbs and flows, is more prevalent in some than others, but it is there, in our DNA.

Philanthropy as an institution, a sector of Modern Society, a set of practices and policies, however, is struggling. Struggling to keep up with the demands of the broken and fractious nature of our society, and the damage that brokenness causes many millions of people.

GiveClear sees vast potential. Potential that willing and sacrificial hearts are unleashing. There is so much goodwill, so many amazing acts being accomplished daily, by many brilliant and impressive people. How do we multiply this? How do we help these wise “doers” to replicate themselves, to replicate the good they are doing? To scale it, teach it, multiply it?

To multiply goodness - that sums up GiveClear’s big goal

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